Early in 2017, the Georginia-South and Hamburg Communities were surprised by a sudden influx of informal settlers on the old sports field on Rand Leases that were left unoccupied by the Roodepoort Rugby Club due to the alleged lapse of their long-term lease. This kind of influx happens all over the country because of the inequalities that were left by the Apartheid System. The system determined that White People (Classified as Europeans) had their suburbs close to the city and central business centres. Based on their classification, Coloured, Black and Indian (Non-Europeans) were put in suburbs of their own, normally further from city centres. This is a very difficult infrastructural adaptation that the current government are struggling to undo. The previously disadvantaged communities cannot afford to live close to city centres due to cost of properties, and further still they need to get to work and therefor dealt with hefty transport expenses. This puts a financial burden on them and the easier way for them is to illegally occupy unused land near the city centres, shopping malls or main routes. The previous low cost project (RDP Housing Scheme) was unsuccessful because they were also erected just as far from the city centres. These RDP Housing projects also failed due to poor plans, building materials and craftsmanship.

Please read below how our area started feeling the grunge of a sudden influx of people close to Georginia-South. This happened within a few days.


The illegal occupying of land leads to all kind of hazards, like settlements beneath the flood areas, close to dangerous crossings of railway lines or highways, or just main roads. Further it creates a hiegenic problem, disastrous fire hazards or epidemic viral outbreaks. On Rand Leases more risks were making this informal squatting risky business. These are a main underground gas pipeline, a main fuel pipeline, a major water pipeline as well as a big City Power Substation.

The South-African real Estate Property Market has its own challenges for those who can barely afford a bank loan to buy a small house. These bonds come with high financing fees, which are assessed on property values set by monopolies of big banks and estate agents. The people in these markets are mostly compromised by the system, because illegal settlements close to a middleclass formal neighbourhood will affect them the most, affecting their already inflated bond repayments. The property prices immediately drops when illegal settlements spring up, leaving the middle class more vulnerable. Informal settlements seldom jump up next to rich communities with properties valued at R1,5 million and more.

Informal Settlers move in very fast and organised knowing that state organs is slow to react, and when a court order is signed off for their removal it is probably too late to remove them. They are now the responsibility of the state.

This is how the Georginia-South Community took hands to stand up, mandated the NPO, to fight back and create a residential area that is highly sought after, with clean streets and crime free.


Logo design and design notes


The design consist of a centre circle and five surrounding circles that forms a pentagram (star). It is therefor a combination of the central star of the universe (Sun) and all other collective stars that forms the universe.

The circle is a universal symbol representing totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness and union (togetherness)

A pentagram (sometimes known as a pentalpha or pentangle or a star pentagon) is the shape of a five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes. It literally means Five.

The little circles that also symbolises the members of the community are reaching out and holding on to each other to strengthen the structure of the centre circle.

The centre circle is uncoloured (blank) and is imaginary filled with ideas of need that will always evolve with time, and kept together and driven by the five figures which represent the community of Georginia South.

The pentagram (star) represents a fortress or stronghold. (Examples like Pentagon of the USA or the Van Riebeeck Castle in Cape Town).

The colours are

·         two shades of blue (representing sky and water), associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven

·         green (representing nature), symbolizes growth, harmony, safety, freshness and fertility.

·         yellow (representing sunshine) associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy.

·         red (representing fire and blood), associated with energy, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love.

The meaning of Five

·         Five is the Number of Balance

·         It combines the Female number 2 and the Male number 3, leading to marriage

·         Five is the number of the Human being – combining the four limbs and head that controls the limbs.

·         Five symbolises the 5 senses sight – hearing – taste – smell – touch


All individuals rely on Five Pillars to enable balanced living,

·         Intellect

·         Spiritual

·         Emotional

·         Physical

·         Social


·         Knowledge and Wisdom

·         Assistance & Benevolence

·         Leadership & Values

·         Community

·         Governance

 Design by Fritz & Jason Klaaste – inspired by ideas from various vendor design programs. Final concept designed digitally Jason Klaaste (IT Specialist/Web Designer) on 12 July 2017 for Georginia-South Resident’s Forum. 


Design notes by Fritz Klaaste.